Top Best 5 Genuine Ways To Earn Money Online In India

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So What Are The Trusted Ways That Can Make You Money Online?
Before starting please admit one thing, If your thinking that you can make money online very easily then I may tell you that its wrong. Earning money online is not so easy but not so hard too. You just need t work harder at the beginning otherwise maybe you will be failed on this work.
There are many trusted works to do in internet from which you can make money. In todays life internet is getting easier to access day by day for everyone so it is proving itself that the numbers of internet users is increasing day by day. So there is very high scope on earning money online these days without a single doubt.

Things You Should Admit First Before Getting Started :
* Internet Is Not About To Pay You Instant Money, I Have Already Mentioned Above That You Need To Work Very Hard In The Beginning,
* More Than 50% Of Jobs In Internet Are Scam(s), Which Will Never Pays You.
* You Need To Go Through A Trusted Source In Internet To Know About Genuine Online Jobs Or Ways That Will Pay You For Sure.
* If You Really Want To earn Some Money Online, Get Ready Mentally & Physically First Because Once If You Start Then You Need Work Harder.

1. Very Important To Get An Computer (Laptop/Desktop),
2. Good Internet Connections
3. Some Good Skills (Or You Need To Gain Skills First)

Hi my name is ‘Ronit Shill” as I have already mentioned above that within two years I have earned about 5,00,000+ INR when I was just in class 11th & 12th. For that I feel very proud of me, but this is nothing I wants to work more harder and earn a sufficient money for my future and all.
I started with an youtube channel which have now more than 1,00,000+ Subscribers in just 1.2 years. Its not so good but not so bad for me. Now a days I am working on my 3 blogs to make those blogs famous, yes working very hard for them and I am sure one day will come when those blogs can make me earn some good amount of money every month. So lets see now what are the ways,

Top 5 Trusted Ways To Earn Money Online In India

1. Be A YouTuber –

Image Source – ELEVENEWS

Now a days making YouTube channels is really a good option for earning money online. Peoples from all over the world is earning good amount of money from this. Now A Days many peoples are looking for making a full time carrier on YouTube (But its not recommended by me). According to me if someone have some good skills on making some useful videos online for peoples then YouTube is a good platform to speard your talent and yes absolutely you can earn money by your videos & Fame too.

You may know about some biggest popular youtubers from india,
for eg. BB Ki Vines, Carry Minati, Dr. Vivek Bindra, Sandeep Maheswari, TVF, Aashish Chanchalni Ki Vines etc.
They are not just earning lots of money even they are earning good fame with their videos. You may be don’t know but they are earning about 5 Lakhs To 20 Lakhs Rupees Every Months. Are You Surprised? But Yes Its Real. Being A YouTuber Is a good option on earning money and fame too.

Your youtube channel needs to get number of subscribers, so that they watch your videos and on every views your earning money.
Let me clear one thing, Making A YouTube channel is not a easy work to earn money. We Will discuss those thing somewhere other time on our youtube channel.

You Can Get A Rough Idea On How To Create YouTube Channel Here, CLICK HERE

2. Become An Freelancer –

Image Source – Moneyweb

Its A One Of The Genuine & 100% Real Way To Earn Money Online. But Its not a easier work, You need to have some good skills before start working on this. There is many websites that provides you to became an freelancer, Like

Yes you can work on those sites for some other peoples or some other companies online. They will provide you work to do, you just need to complete those work and submit it. After checking you will be paid on your paypal or bank.

For examples, If you have a skills to do graphic design(s), You may make your profile as a graphic designer. Peoples or companies will contact you to make graphic designs for them and they will pay you about 5$ To 100$ for one graphic designs. But You need to upload some of your graphic designs first on those sites for examples. Because peoples or companies will hire you according to those samples graphics.

You need to make good reputation on those site, then only you will get good amount of orders. After you make some good reputation there, you will get many orders (depends on your work).

Many peoples now a days, have made this work as full time carrier. They are earning more than 5000$-20,000$ easily by working from home only.

3. Be A Blogger –

Image Source

Being a blogger is a very good option for one who loves to get in touch with his/her hobbies. One can follow their hobbies on this way. for eg. if one loves Tech & Gadgets or maybe computers mobiles related thing, He/She can go for a tech blog. I think tech is good option on blogging, because tech blogs earn big amount of money because on their blog the advertisement comes is of good rates. In short : Tech blogs get good advertisement rates, but that’s not a good option to go for because there is big competition on tech blogging.

I would recommended one to go for the blog of their own hobbies. I mean, if you have hobbies like fashion designs then you should make a fashion blogs which will provide latest trending fashion styles to the visitors. If you have hobbies on cooking then you must go for a cooking blog, where you need to provide good and easy recepie’s for peoples with good explanations. More hobbies like Dancing, Singing, Painting, etc. Then just go for one of them.

Being a blogger is a good option for earning money because if your blog gains lots of visitors in a day. Then you can get good amount of money from that. Money depends on blog visitors so you need to provide good contents with easy step by step points.
Lots of peoples making blog as a personal carrier, but it is not recommended till your blog makes an good name in market.

Making a blog is not really easy, you should learn typing first.
Then you need to do some hard work on Digital marketing, SEO Courses. Don’t worry if you’re not going for any courses you can learn all of them online or from youtube for free. So just start researching on that.
Blogger (An Google Product) provides you an free platform to make a free blog. For beginners its recommended.

4. Join Some Network Marketing Sites –

Image Source – Huffington Post

One of the best way to earn money online with no hard work. But yes you need to work smartly on this and little bit hard. Its easy to get rock here but when you use your brain at right place.

There is numbers of network marketing there in internet where you can be a boss. As i have said earlier you need to use your brain at right place because that’s very important.
Peoples who can joins other peoples in large numbers can only be a boss. Its seems to be very hard because joining large numbers of peoples is not a easy work, right? But when you target some good peoples whose are interested on these things only, then you can gain some good joining

For eg. Ask some of the YouTubers, Bloggers & Some network marketing peoples who have already joined there in any other network marketing sites. If they joins from your link and after that they make joins to their followers (which is very large in their case). You get a very large team, which is A++ point on network marketing. If You get good amount of joining in your first to third level you will rock for sure.

5. Social Media Promotions :

earn money by paid promotions
Image Source – PC Tech Magazine

I like this option because I am earning around 15,000 to 30,000 from this in every month from my YouTube channel. You just need to have some big social media platforms. For eg. Instagram ID with big followers, Facebook pages with many likes or an YouTube channel with good amount of subscribers.

You can earn by paid promotions of any third party contents depends on your community (pages), for example i have an youtube channel basically on earning money tips and tricks.
So i do get paid promotions from third parties of their mobile applications or websites from which peoples can earn money online, when peoples get to know about their sites from my Youtube videos, numbers of peoples use their sites/apps from which Site/Apps owners do earn money and for that they pays me about 10$-20$ (Rs 1000 to 1500) for one video. Which is an good option to earn money from an end.

Same as if you have any Facebook or Instagram pages with good followers then, third parties will contact you to promote their brand or products. For that they will pay you good amount of money.

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